Telephone Service Rates

Services by Location: Barkdale Vinegarroon Camp Wood D’Hanis Rocksprings Utopia
Single Party Residence Service $14.50 $16.13 $14.50 $18.00 $15.08
Single Party Business Service $14.50 $14.40 $14.40 $18.00 $14.40
State Mandated Emergency 911 Service          
Each Telephone Number $ 0.50 $ 0.50 $ 1.00 $ 0.50 $ 0.50
Federal Mandated Subscriber Line Charge          
Each Single Line Residence & Business Telephone Number $6.50 $6.50 $6.50 $6.50 $6.50

Each Business

Multi-Line & Pay Telephone Number

$9.20 $9.20 $9.20 $9.20 $9.20

Customers of basic service have access to the public switched network, minutes of use for local service provided at no additional charge and access to emergency 911 services. Toll limitation services are also available for qualifying low-income customers.

Lifeline service is available for qualifying low-income customers.

The $9.25 federal Lifeline benefit may be applied to either qualifying voice services or qualifying broadband services.

Broadband internet access services are available at the following speeds and rates:

Starter Select Choice Turbo 50 Turbo 100
3/1 Mbps 10/1 Mbps 20/3 Mbps 50/6 Mbps 100/25 Mbps
$39.99 $49.99 $69.99 $99.99 $129.99

Service Area

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Service Area Map

Calling Features

Southwest Texas Communications offers many enhanced features that will allow you to use your telephone more effectively. We have divided these features into five categories including: Caller Identification, Call Forwarding, Miscellaneous Items, Privacy Services, and Voice Mail Options. The specifics of each calling feature including details, operation, and price are discussed on the following pages. Select one of the feature categories from the menu at the left to see information for that group of calling features. Contact our business office to request any of these features. Our customer service representatives are ready to assist you. No additional service charges apply if a feature is included in the initial service installation. A $5.00 service charge will be applied if a feature is added or changed at a later time.

Local Calling Area

You can call any number in the 210 or 830 Area Codes at no charge.   It is not necessary to dial “1” to complete your call.  When calling out of our service area you will need to enter the Area Code 210 or 830.