We understand the world is constantly evolving into broadband consumers demanding for higher speeds. 

Not only are we successfully fulfilling our duty to provide beyond exceptional fast speeds for our customers but we are making these plans 100% affordable and price friendly.  These plans are available to both our residential and business customers – no one gets left out with us!

Our current mission with top priority is to provide fiber internet service to all of our exchanges.  These various fiber projects take time but we are pleased with our progress!  In the meantime, there are many speeds we offer that will no doubt serve your broadband needs. 

You will notice two different plans each with different prices.  Here’s the difference:

  • TLCO Plans are internet prices on top of your monthly telephone service.
  • Solonet Plans are stand alone internet only plans.
Internet affordable

TLCO Plans


  • 10M/1M

Choice Plus

  • 25M/3M

Turbo 50

  • 50M/6M

Fiber 100

  • 100M/100M