Long Distance Service Providers

General Information


Southwest Texas Communications customers may choose from one of the listed carriers to handle their long distance telephone calling needs. Each long distance carrier offers a variety of calling plans. The following carriers offer service to Southwest Texas Communications customers:

Carrier / Web Site Business Service Residential Service
(800) 222-0400  (800) 222-0400 
Global Crossing Communications 444
(800) 783-2020  (800) 482-4848 
(800) 436-4444  (800) 444-3333 
NTS Communications
(800) 658-2150 (800) 658-2150 
Primus Telecommunications
(888) 899-9900  (888) 877-4687 
Qwest Communications
(800) 460-1111 or (800) 860-1020 (800) 860-2255 
Southwest Texas Long Distance
  your local long distance company
(830) 683-1995 (830) 683-199
Level 3 Communication (877) 253-8353  (877) 253-8353

Call Completion

Southwest Texas Communications needs your help! Over recent months, all across the country, rural telephone companies are hearing from customers that friends and relatives are sometimes unable to call them long distance. Sometimes callers report long delays between dialing and call completion. Sometimes they get a busy signal when the called party’s phone was not busy. And sometimes, the call does not complete at all and the line goes dead.

The problem appears to be that some long distance companies do not interconnect directly with rural areas, and therefore have to hand their traffic off to third party carriers. Apparently, some third party carriers are doing a very poor job of making connections outside of urban areas.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is aware of this problem and has set up procedures to gather information and identify the carriers that are failing to complete these calls into rural areas. Southwest Texas Communications is reporting to the FCC about every instance where we suspect a carrier is not completing calls. For more information about the FCC’s efforts in this area, please see:Problems with Long Distance or Wireless Calling Rural Areas

The only way we at Southwest Texas Communications can know that long distance calls are not being completed to our customers is for you, the customer, to report it. If you hear that someone was unable to complete a long distance call to you, please call Southwest Texas Communications with the following information: date and time call attempts were made, the calling and called telephone numbers, and if possible the name of the telephone service provider of the calling customer. Also, please ask the person on the other end to notify their provider and tell them they cannot connect.

Southwest Texas Communications takes this issue very seriously and we will follow up with the FCC on every report we receive. Rural companies all over the nation are working with the FCC to find the carriers responsible and bring enforcement actions to end this problem.
I understand this is a complex issue and I would be glad to discuss it with anyone who has questions. Please feel free to call me at 683-1930.
Thank you,
Southwest Texas Communications

Directory Assistance

The following information should apply to most long-distance companies. You may reach Directory Assistance for a distant city by dialing: 1 + (Area Code) + 555-1212 or for your own area by dialing 1 + 411. Give the city or town, then the name and address (if applicable) you wish to call to the Directory Assistance Operator or recording. Write down the number for future reference. A charge for this service may apply depending on such factors as locations called to request directory assistance, number of calls made during the billing period, and other factors as set forth in the tariffs. Call the business office if further information is needed.