Streaming tv

Are you excited to begin streaming? Or are you excited to cut down on TV costs? Either way we are ready to help in any way!  We know you will soon find out the trending obsession with watching your favorite shows strictly online!

Use our streaming service down below to help match the best TV bundle and prices that fits your needs!


  1. Get high quality Internet

Streaming shows on multiple devices require certain speeds to comfortably enjoy your shows without buffering or lagging. Make sure you’re on the right internet plan today!

We recommend our internet plans Choice Plus or higher. View our plans here.

Streaming TV
  1. Use a Smart TV or streaming device

If you have a Smart TV, it should be ready to stream right out of the box.  No Smart TV? Not a problem! You just need a streaming device like a Roku or Firestick which will enable streaming on older televisions.  You can also stream on your smartphone, tablet and computer in addition to your tv!

Pick a streaming provider
  1. Pick a streaming provider

The last best step: time to decide what you want to watch! We have partnered with MyBundle.TV to  help find the right streaming services for you.  Just answer a few brief questions about your viewing needs and we’ll help you find the best and  most economical streaming options available to you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When looking at a suggested streaming service in your Find My Bundle Results or Marketplace, simply click the buttons that say “Visit Site,” “Learn More,” or “Free Trial.” Then, choose the plan you want and sign-up for an account with the service. SWTC can not sign you up for your service.  You need to sign up for service on your own by visiting the website for that specific service.

SWTC does not bill for the streaming service. The streaming service will bill you directly. All billing questions, changes and disputes need to be directed at the streaming service; not with SWTC. 

To cancel a service, you must visit the website for that specific service, for example to cancel Hulu, visit and follow the steps needed to cancel your subscription. As a reminder, Streaming Services don’t have contracts, so you can cancel at any time! SWTC can not cancel service for you. You need to visit the website for that specific service to cancel.

As you may have heard, no longer is your cable/satellite company the only way to get great TV shows or movies. As Smart TVs and Netflix have exploded in popularity, more and more content is now available outside of the traditional cable/satellite bundle. All you need is an internet connection and a streaming device to get the Live TV channels you love, reruns On-Demand, and even brand new content from new streaming services you’ve never heard of! Additionally, a Digital Antenna can be used to pick up Broadcast Networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX for free.

If you’ve purchased a TV in the last few years it most likely has the ability to stream many of the services available. If you are interested in having access to a broader set of Streaming services, or have an older TV, then Roku, Amazon, Google and others all sell affordable Streaming Devices that turn almost any TV into a Smart TV. Streaming Devices offer an easy and simple-to-use interface that allow you to watch your favorite shows and movies. You can either connect the TV or Streaming device to your Wi-Fi network or often right into a modem. Once connected, you’re ready to stream!