Working with the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC) and in compliance with the Commission’s Substantive Rule 23.57, Southwest Texas Telephone Company is providing this notice to advise you of you rights concerning your customer-specific Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI).

In the normal course of providing your telephone service, Southwest Texas Telephone Company maintains certain information about your account. This information, when matched to your name, address, and calling or originating billing telephone number, is known as you customer-specific “Customer Proprietary Network Information,” or CPNI for short. Examples of your CPNI include the type of line you have, technical characteristics (like touch tone or rotary service), class of service (business or residential), current telephone charges, long distance and local service billing records, directory assistance charges, usage data and calling patterns. The PUC has adopted a rule which states that, upon your request, we may not use your customer-specific CPNI to market certain telephone services or features to you. In other words, if you request that your CPNI be considered “restricted”, Southwest Texas Telephone Company would be prohibited from using your CPNI to market to you certain telephone service or features that may be available to you from other sources. The only exception to the above prohibition is if you, the customer, initiate contact with us and inquire about these services or features.

It is important to note that restricting your customer-specific CPNI will not eliminate all of our marketing communications with you. We may continue to use your customer-specific CPNI to contact you regarding telephone services and features we offer that are not available to you from another source. We may also continue our marketing contact that are not based on your customer- specific CPNI. 

If you wish to have your customer-specific CPNI considered “restricted”, please call out Business Office at (830)683-2111 or stop by our office at 939 South Texas Highway 55, Rocksprings, Texas and talk to one of our representatives during our normal business hours. Simply tell us that you wish to restrict the use of your customer-specific CPNI. There will be no charge for restricting your customer information, and the restriction will remain in effect until you notify us otherwise.