Billing System Changes

Starting with the July 01 billing, you will see changes to the appearance of your bill: Completely new format. New account number containing 10 digits. New online bill presentment and payment system to eBills. Customers paying online will be required to re-register. All customers will [...]

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June 2020 Newsletter

  June 2020     Biggest Fireworks Ever These record-setting fireworks were set off earlier this year in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and literally lit up the night sky.   Dance For Hope To honor the medical personnel at work during the pandemic, talented Irish dancers perform their craft from home.   CDC COVID-19 Updates Visit this [...]

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April 2020 Newsletter

  April 2020   2020 Phone Books Are Here!   Photo courtesy of Mary Shanks If you have not received your copy or would like an extra copy, please call 830-683-2111.   Kiddie Choreography James Corden and Justin Bieber try to keep up with their tiny dance instructors with unexpected, cute, and hilarious results.   Playing [...]

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COVID-19 Update 1 (3/16/20)

As we all experience challenging circumstances surrounding the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to share with our customers how we’re supporting the social distancing recommendations.   While our offices remain open at this time, our Customer Service Representatives are available via phone (830) 683-2111 or email  You may reach out to them [...]

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March 2020 Newsletter

  March 2020     Garden Variety Groundhog Chunk the groundhog found his own personal food stash amid the plants of a home gardener – and then found internet fame.   6-Year-Old Piano Prodigy One of the youngest people ever to perform at Carnegie Hall, William began playing simple songs on the piano at age two! [...]

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January 2020 Newsletter

  January 2020   See What's Possible in the Year Ahead Southwest Texas Communications wishes you a wonderful 2020. May you stay focused on your goals and look forward with joyful anticipation. We encourage you to keep an eye on your household's growing internet usage and watch for signs — such as frequent buffering when streaming [...]

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December 2019 Newsletter

  December 2019     An Unforgettable Cup of Coffee This TED Talk speaker learned an inspiring lesson about happiness from an airport barista named Lily on Christmas Eve.   Dazzling Christmas Light Shows You won't believe these complex holiday displays. Some of them feature the synchronization of many homes. Years Of Service Awards   Employees [...]

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October 2019 Newsletter

  October 2019     Balloon Artist Will Blow You Away Masayoshi Matsumoto creates amazingly intricate animals using only balloons, creativity, and extremely nimble fingers.   Revolutionary Goo Absorbs Shock D30 goo is used inside football helmets to protect players from head traumas as well as inside motorcycle helmets and shoes. Click here for the Contest [...]

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September 2019 Newsletter

  September 2019     Ready? Set? Dino Dash! This hilarious video shows people wearing T-rex costumes racing at the Emerald Downs racetrack in Auburn, Washington.   Robotic Berry Picker A model of efficiency, this machine picks only ripe strawberries and prepares them for shipment to your local grocer. IT'S HIGH TIME FOR FASTER INTERNET If [...]

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