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For a once in a lifetime experience you will want to come to the Frio Bat Flight Tour and witness this awesome site as 10 to 12 million Mexican Free-tailed Bats ascend into the evening sky before sunset at Frio Cave near Concan, Texas.

This is the second largest bat population in the world open to the public!

Meet your guide at the gate. The gate is 1/3 of a mile down FM 2690, first gate on the right after crossing the bridge over the Frio River.Follow the guide in your car 2 miles on ranch to the Frio Cave, take a short easy walk to the top of the hill to witness one of nature’s most incredible spectacles. Handicapped parking and accessibility are available.  If you are unable to make the walk please inform a guide. Someone may drive you up after the walkway has cleared.

Also at the bat viewing area you will possibly see Cave Swallow, Rock and Canyon Wren, and you might even see a ringed-tail cat or skunk entering the cave to catch dinner. Be amazed as several species of raptor dive into the exiting swirl of bats.